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Monday, March 2, 2009

A little of this and that

Emma can ride without training wheels now. She can ride and stop. She is still working on starting on her own and turning but she is doing great.

Laura can army crawl. Its cute. When I get close to her she will stop and go limp until I pick her up.

Annie is doing awesome in school again. I have been working with her one on one more and making sure she does all of her work. She is getting A's again.

Sarah came downstairs tonight and said something was in her pajamas, from her little toys. Howard looked, she looked. We found a bandaid and a tag. Nope, that wasn't it. Finally we turned the pajamas inside out and out fell a Barbie toy. Her response, "Oh, that is just my mustard."

And the number one bit of news: Annie and Emma bought an American Girl doll today. They bought Molly from someone on craigslist. She is in great shape, no scratches or marks. They are planning out what outfits to buy for her and what accessories to get her. Its really cute. I am glad that they are still innocent enough to play with dolls. And I am so glad they saved up their own money for this doll. I am glad that they were willing to get a pre-owned one so they could keep the balance of their money.

All in all, I am pretty glad today.

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