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Friday, February 6, 2009

sick sick sick

Last night we had a delicious dinner of shrimp alfredo with oatmeal cookies for dessert. Right before bed I started feeling icky. Thus began the tale of Rachel and Howard's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night. I don't ever want to eat shrimp again, or oatmeal cookies.

Today I am doing a little better, but only if I don't stand up. Howard dragged himself out of bed at 3 pm so the missionaries could give him a blessing. Love the missionaries!

Annie is starting to feel yucky now too. Its a good thing I kept the kids home from school. I don't want to share this.

Sara said she will bring us some ginger ale and milk for the kiddos. Love Sara!


Diamond said...

I could have told you shrimp is always a bad idea. I hope you get better soon.

Crystal said...

yucky. no good. hope you feel better soon!