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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Birthday for Emma

Little Emma is now 6. It seems like just yesterday she was a little toddler, getting into everything, cutting her hair and flashing that charming smile. She has mellowed with time and is a sweet and much calmer girl.

She started her birthday with breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed

Then she opened gifts with a Star Wars theme.Clone Wars Anakin
Clone Wars bookClone Wars R2D2

She had the day off school as a gift from me. She opened a new shirt and headband from the David Nelson Family. Then all of the girls got gussied up and headed off to take birthday pictures. Emma was a perfect little model. In fact all the girls cooperated and we got a few cute sister shots.

Today Emma had her Princess Party. We don't do parties every year so this was a big deal for her.

Howard helped with the cleaning.Howard being the ManAnd got a little irritated that I was taking pictures while he was vacuuming.

The guests arrived in princess glory. They decorated crowns, played the clothes pin in the bottle game, birthday bingo, place the jewel on the necklace and then they had cake. Howard made the cake again this year. He has the patience for decorating a gem like thisPrincess Cake

There was the opening of presents and a Pinata. Photobucket
There was a mad scramble for candy. Everyone shared in the bounty. Anne was a bit put out when she learned that we put in some Halloween candy too. (Not like she even knew there was any left) The girls played in Emma's room until parents came. It was a good, fun and simple party. Emma loved it. And that is what matters.


Mattingly's Dad said...

Star Wars presents is proper. And a picture of Howard vacuuming is priceless. Okay, I'm sure he always does it, but I don't think I'd let my wife take a picture of me vacuuming...wait, I'd actually have to vacuum for that to happen.

Amy said...

Looks like a lovely party! Evelyn is about the princess business. Thanks for the heads up about that book. I reserved it at the library, I'm #45! lol! It might take until next year to get it. Sounds interesting though.

Ker Family said...

Sorry Brandon didn't come as Prince Charming. He's still hacking his lungs out...and running a fever. I figured you wouldn't want us to share that with Emma and all her friends. It sounds like the day was a total success! Happy Birthday to Emma.

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Emma! :]

Happily Ever After said...

Madison has a card she's getting in the mail for Emma. Happy Birthday girl! OH and doesn't Howard know that a wife finds nothing sexier than a man with a vacuum?