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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas was so merry!

I had an awesome Christmas this year. The kids loved everything. They were thankful. They didn't get useless crap. And we had a grand time with the relatives. Emma was quite funny today. We got her a makeup kit from Ulta.

She loved it and put it on all day long. If it had been her only gift she would have been happy. Real make-up. When my niece Arianne saw it she thought it was awesome and she is a teenager so I guess she'd know. I ended up having to scrub Emma's face once during the night because the layers were so thick. Then I washed it again before bed and she still has plenty of residue to discolor her pillowcase.

The other girls were happy with their gifts also, just not so colorful.

We played a really fun game with The Nelsons. The name is escaping me for the moment but it is something about Camelot. We use cards and little game pieces. Howard was excellent as King Arthur. Becky kept getting stuck as Sir Kay. Not that there is anything wrong with him but it was kind of funny. She ended up trading him away for the last round. Annie was able to play even though it was 10 and up. We are looking forward to playing it at their house on New Year's. We also might get the Cranium expansion pack since we played the entire game two years ago. We always have fun with them, we need to get together more often. Oh, Emma played with her makeup the whole time, Sarah watched Mulan and played with her new Mulan doll and then went to bed. Laura spent time in her exersaucer and in our laps trying to get our cards, then joined Sarah in dreamland.

Mary and Carl spent part of the day with us too and we all had a good time visiting, exchanging gifts and of course, eating more than we should have. We had so much yummy food it was overwhelming and we didn't even serve it all. Good times.

Off to take some Tums and go to bed.

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charlesmarkley said...

It truly was a Merry Christmas!