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Monday, November 17, 2008

stinking technology! First my computer decided not to recognize my scanner. Now it has decided the card reader on the printer is incompatible. Therefore, no new pictures. Sorry.
I even had a great video to add of Emma nailing Howard in the Jimmy. It will have to wait until the computer decides to be on friendly terms with the printer again.

Update on the PPD. Howard and I were talking the other day. We were discussing the kind of personality I have. He thinks I am like Walter, one of Jeff Dunham's puppet/ventriloquist dummies. If you haven't seen him, totally YouTube it. I would add one but, well, I don't feel like finding one.
I am now giving voice to my inner crankiness. Howard and I went to dinner and I actually spoke up when I didn't like something. I usually sit and fume but at this point I don't care. We got lettuce wraps and the lettuce was white. Ick. I asked the server for green lettuce as I don't eat eat white lettuce. And I got what I wanted. I guess its good that I am finding assertiveness.

It might go away though as today I started anti-depressants. Which oddly enough cost less than antibiotics for children. I find that rather disturbing.

New topic: Family Home evening. Every week we hold a family evening. In theory if we keep having them they will get easier. Tonight's episode consisted of singing ABC's as our opening song, a prayer that was a rote prayer for food, a lesson that reached loud levels to be heard over Sarah's non-lesson related singing. The lesson also had to be repeated several times. Then we played a game that ended in crying. We ended the evening with Annie declaring that no one could eat the dessert. Ahh, good times.

After this fun filled evening we sent the kids off to bed. They found a spider in their room and had to freak out and ended up in Sarah's room. All was well until we heard screaming from Emma biting Sarah. Emma was banished to the spider room as it is now called. Good thing she has learned to read. At last check she had a pile of easy readers and was kicking it on Annie's bed like she wasn't being punished.

She had her first spelling test today and aced it. Annie also finished with her science test all about plants. And now I know all about how corn reproduces when it isn't genetically engineered.

Cool news: Mary and Carl picked up a Millennium Falcon for the girls at a garage sale. They are totally in love with it. Emma mainly but Annie likes it too. At least they did before the spider. In addition Howard told Emma she could pick out a new action figure from the tub in the basement. She bypassed Mace Windu, Tusken Raider, Greedo and even Yoda in favor of.....drumroll.....a figure she already has! Now she has two Lukes as a storm trooper. Oh well, at least she is happy.

Howard is being very supportive as usual. He likes the fact that now he can say, "Rachel, your pills" and it will mean something. How often do quotes from Wayne's World actually apply?

Hoping for some pharmacological happiness, or at least less anger.


David and Heather said...

Rachel, you obviously don't remember our Family Home Evenings as kids. Don't you remember Dad getting up and leaving because he was so mad at you and Mark and Karen for goofing around during FHE? I sure remember that.
-David :)

Karen said...

I remember FHE as a kid and somehow I remember David playing a BIG part in the angry parents!!!!:-)
Isn't it supposed to be called...Family Home Screaming?