Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We had a breakthrough today. Emma did math and Language arts! I told her she could use the computer after she did her math. We abandoned our beautiful school room in favor of the dining room table. She was mostly done with math when Howard got home. She did the back side of her worksheet with him. Then she wanted to show him her language arts. She dragged him down to the basement. They came up and she was so proud of her work.

I snuck in some history when I was on here posting earlier. The girls were excited about making paper dolls, which I just happened to get out of our History activity book. While they were cutting and coloring I read today's lesson. They agreed together that Justinian and Theodora had horrible names. Emma thinks every girl should be named Kate so that is what she renamed her paper doll.

After language arts the girls played madly on club penguin. They used the laptop and played with each other. I think Emma even got another Puffle.

After Emma's allergy testing we know that she is allergic to grasses and cottonwood trees. No food allergies. We are going to work with the allergist to try to pinpoint her wicked coughing. He said it may take months. Hopefully we can get it figured out. The girl needs her sleep.

Oh yeah, Emma saw cool hairstyles at and it totally excited about cute hair. She earned 2 awesome bows for being good at the doctor. Yes I bribe my kids.

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