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Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh today. Today, yet again, Emma refused to do any school. I kind of tricked her though. I let her play Reader Rabbit Thinking Adventures and Arthur's reading and Math games on the computer. Annie did her math, practiced her clarinet and read her history lesson. She also played with Sarah. And was jealous because all Emma was doing was playing. We also played Princess Monopoly.

During Sarah's nap Annie read some stories to Emma that Annie read in Kindergarten. Okay, she didn't read them, they were part of her language arts curriculum and they have illustrations Annie did when she was 4 and 5. Emma liked to look at the pictures. There were also comprehension questions and thinking skills questions written in them. Oddly enough, Emma gave the same answers as Annie did, almost word for word.
I folded clothes while they read. Emma bounced on my bed and Laura rolled from her back to her belly and then got upset.

At 2:30 the kids put on shoes and combed their hair. I replaced hearing aid batteries, woke up Laura and Sarah and put them in the car one at a time. I swapped the double stroller for the single, got extra diapers and wipes, a cup of milk for Sarah, pulled out of the driveway and stopped and ran back in to grab Emma's dance stuff. Then I dropped off Annie and Sarah at the Stuart's and took Emma and Laura to the audiologist. Emma had wax in her ear canals so an ENT was tracked down to remove it. Meanwhile Laura was having new earmolds made. She managed to get her little arm free and got the pink goo all over her hair, hand and face. The second ear went smoother. Emma's molds were easier, but one didn't turn out well so it needed to be redone. We finished there at 3:55. Emma's ballet starts at 4:00 so we rushed out.

Luckily we had found a parking spot at the hospital so we didn't have to wait for valet parking. We jammed out of there and found traffic on the highway. Got Emma to dance 15 minutes late, including a rushed change job. Drove home really quick, turned on the oven and threw in the frozen enchiladas and zipped over to pick up Annie and Sarah. Chatted for about 10 minutes with Rhonda. Amy had volunteered to take Emma home from dance so that was out of the way.

We got home. I started some rice (which never turned out, bummer) then went online and found a Family Home Evening lesson that the kids could understand. I printed it out and got the in lesson game ready, got Chutes and Ladders to play afterward. Emma started crying because I wouldn't let her eat while dinner was cooking and went to her room because she hates me because I am the worst mom in the world and she doesn't want to be in my family. About 2 minutes later I found myself giving Sarah some Princess graham crackers. Therefore I am the worst mom in the world. I sent Sarah upstairs with some crackers to give to Emma. They finished the rest of the box.

Howard came home with the ingredients for the FHE treat Annie was in charge of. While making guacamole I ruined her treat by reading the directions to her. She was making a chocolate pudding pie. I also erred in smoothing out the filling after she glopped it into the pie shell. I am a horrible mom and ruin everything.

When we sat down to eat the horrible meal as I never make anything good Emma proceeded to cry when the nastiness known as chicken enchiladas touched her plate. She ended up in timeout several more times over the course of the meal.

After dinner we had FHE. Sarah started screaming/crying because Emma was leading the music. Emma talked over the scripture. Laura started crying partway through the lesson so I had to hand it off to Howard and feed her. After we learned all about how Super heroes become heroes by making good choices and super villains become evil by making bad choices, Howard and I endured a game of Chutes and Ladders. It was hard as Emma has the attention span of a gnat. And Sarah kept taking our pieces. I ended up with a die, Howard ended up with a halloween bat ring, Emma kept forgetting who she was and cried every time she went down a chute. Anne endured it all with much patience and even good will when Emma finally won. Another quality Family Home Evening.

Now the good news: The girls cleared away all the aftermath of dessert, earning the last marble needed for Jabba the Hutt. Yes, they are now the proud owners of a Jabba who eats frogs and could gush slime, if only the slime wasn't ten years old and almost solid. To do: buy new slime. Since the slime didn't work they took him in the bath and they discovered how to make him ooze bubbles.

When it came to bedtime, I read to Emma from "What your Kindergartener Needs to Know" Hah, tricked her again. She was totally into it and wanted more. We covered 5 Aesops Fables, information on how seeds grow and some, some more math problems.

Tomorrow the speech therapist is coming. She will be videotaping a play session with Sarah and me, in addition to working with Laura. After that we may try to race over to the Littleton Historical museum for a field trip. Emma promises she will do some school after the trip, but I have fallen for her empty promises before.

Annie also has dance tomorrow. We have been boo'ed and need to boo two people. I need to find some time to make treats. Might have to fit that in tomorrow, as Emma has a 2 hour allergy test on Wed and I imagine the rest of that day will pretty much suck. Annie has clarinet lessons on Wed too. Hopefully her practicing will pay off and she will squeak less. I am glad Robyn made a practicing chart for her as she just blows me off when I remind her. Anne needs to work on her paragraph for Friday school, which I am staying out of.

Thursday Mary has said she will come over and help out, as it is my Loving Hands day. I am hoping she will be able to get the kids to do school of some kind while I am away.

Hooray for another fun week.

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Crystal said...

What a day! You're a supermom. :]
miss you.